IBM’s new approach to system design will simplify cloud computing

11 Apr 2012

IBM has unleashed a new era of simpler computing with the launch of a new “expert integrated systems” paradigm called PureSystems that is the result of a US$2bn R&D drive and which promises to free up IT budgets for innovation investment instead.

The US$2bn R&D drive, which includes acquisitions over the last four years, aims to integrate physical and virtual IT elements and remove one of the biggest headaches facing IT managers and CIOs in businesses.

According to IDC, the prime challenge facing companies worldwide is the need to spend 70pc or more of IT budgets on simple operations and maintenance, which leaves little to invest in innovation.

Two-thirds of corporate IT projects are delivered over budget and behind schedule, according to a recent study by IBM which also found that only one in five corporate IT departments are able to spend the majority of their IT budget on innovation. 

Three new advances in computing technology

The new PureSystems approach consists of three major advances in computing technology.

The first major advance “Scale-in” system design, IBM is introducing a new concept in system design that integrates the server, storage, and networking into a highly automated, simple-to-manage machine.

The second advance sees IBM embedding technology and industry expertise through first-of-a-kind software that allows the systems to automatically handle basic, time-consuming tasks such as configuration, upgrades, and application requirements.

And the final advance sees the launch of out-of-the-box cloud platforms that enable businesses to quickly create private, self-service cloud offerings that can scale up and down automatically. 

“With its new scale-in design and built-in expertise, PureSystems represents an important advance in the evolution of computing,” said Steve Mills, senior vice-president and group executive, software and systems, IBM.

“By tightening the connections between hardware and software, and adding incomparable software know-how, PureSystems is designed to help clients to free up time and money to focus on innovation that many businesses cannot address due to ever-rising costs and staffing needs in the traditional data centre,” Mills said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years