IEDR future in doubt

9 Dec 2002

The Department of Communications, Marine and Natural resources has confirmed to that it was ‘seriously considering’ replacing the IEDR (IE Domain Registry) as the administrator of the .ie domain.

Contrary to recent media reports, if this takes place, it will not necessarily be awarded by public tender. A spokesman for the department said that it has the power under the e-commerce bill to change the management of the domain. No decision has been taken yet on how it will be awarded if and when a change is made.

According to the spokesman, the department has been examining this option of late and is currently awaiting clarification from the chairman of the IEDR regarding certain issues. A decision on the matter is expected to be made in January.

The IEDR is an independent, not-for-profit company. Originally part of the UCD campus, it became a separate entity in 2000. The organisation has been shrouded in controversy recently and it is understood that this has been a significant factor in the department’s current examination of the situation. The organisation’s chief executive, Mike Fagan, has been suspended on full pay since October, following a dispute with the board.

By Dick O’Brien