IEDR website will go offline again tonight for tests after 48-hour outage

10 Sep 2012

A software glitch is understood to be behind the outage that caused the IEDR’s website to go offline for 48 hours over the weekend. The site, which was back up at 6am this morning, will go offline gain for a planned outage tonight after working hours, the registry told

A spokesman for the IEDR registry explained that the outage did not affect the general public or owners of domains and websites. “No users of .ie websites were affected,” he stressed.

However, the outage did affect registrars in terms of registrations and renewals.

The spokesman explained that a planned outage will occur for a short period of time this evening to ensure systems are functioning properly.

“Over the weekend the IEDR experienced issues in handling new transactions, such as registrations and renewals,” the IEDR said in a statement. “The team at the IEDR moved quickly to resolve these issues and services resumed at 6am this morning.

“All websites ending in .ie continued to operate as normal throughout the weekend and while work on the issue is continuing, it is expected to be resolved without disruption to users of .ie websites.

“On becoming aware of the problem the IEDR advised its registrars and has provided them with regular status updates.

“The IEDR also ensured that no .ie websites due for renewal during the period were suspended for reasons of non-payment, thereby ensuring continuity of service for all .ie domain holders,” it stressed.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years