InishTech in cloud telephony deal with Glorsoft

29 Nov 2011

Glorsoft, an independent provider of telephony software to the .NET community, has signed a cloud licensing deal with Inishtech to protect, manage and control the distribution and licensing of its Velocity v3.0 developer toolkit.

Aidan Gallagher, InishTech CEO, said Glorsoft recognised early on that it needed to manage and commercialise its software in the marketplace in an agile, granular way.

Velocity is a specialist .NET development environment for telephony applications, that is fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET 4.0 framework.

It empowers developers to rapidly create feature-rich IP-based telephony applications, from simple IVR (interactive voice response) applications to high-density call management systems that can handle millions of calls per year.

“There were a number of considerations for us in choosing the right licensing solution,” Eoghan Ó hUallacháin, Glorsoft CTO, explained.

“We wanted a true, native .NET licensing solution that would allow us to exercise fine grained control over our software, both in terms of features and time periods. Every Glorsoft customer has different usage requirements and we need to accommodate this in our licensing. But another key thing for us was to avoid maintaining unique codebases for each version of the Velocity product.

“That’s a real challenge as you grow. Finally, we needed something that would allow our sales team to provision and manage customers quickly and easily. We did consider building our own licensing engine, but quickly decided that that is not our core business and that it would make more sense to buy in the expertise, leaving us free to focus on Velocity,” Ó hUallacháin said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years