Internet freedom’s 7 biggest champions (infographic)

19 Oct 2014

Despite the power of the internet, there are few people who can claim to have had as much of an impact on its past, present and future as these seven individuals.

While the internet is considered as vital a resource as electricity or water in today’s age, there are numerous instances where this right has been challenged or restricted, whether it be through government agencies or other malicious parties looking to exploit the vast quantities of information that exists on the internet.

However, in the last number of years we have had dozens of individuals, in their own ways, subverting the challenges facing keeping basic rights on the internet, including net neutrality, the right to privacy and even academic research.

Now, an infographic from looks at seven of the biggest names to have put themselves in harm’s way to fight for a particular cause. The only noticeable admission from the site’s list are some of the internet freedom’s biggest female or transgender champions, particularly Chelsea Manning.

Edward Snowden Wikipedia page image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic