Interview with Box’s Dan Levin on the post-PC enterprise (video)

17 Oct 2012

The chief operating officer of Box, Dan Levin, spoke to at the Dublin Web Summit about the changing shape of computing driven by the post-PC environment and what it means for enterprises and their workers.

As the COO of Box, Levin is responsible for maintaining the goals of the company and driving the business forward on metrics and execution. Levin spoke about the impact of the rapid transformation happening within the post-PC enterprise.

Referencing his own experience and those of Box’s global customer base, he detailed how broad consumer-based penetration of tablets and smartphones are digitally enabling a new set of workers that never before used computers to do their jobs, and subsequently, forever changing the way we work.

Prior to Box, Levin held senior executive roles with Picateers and Intuit, and co-founded multiple start-ups. When Levin isn’t flying his airplane, he builds ham radios, writes Python and practices Aikido.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years