Iona goes mobile

10 Mar 2003

Irish software company Iona today announced a new product, Mobile Orchestrator, a web services-based process integration broker optimised for applications that serve occasionally connected users.

Mobile Orchestrator will be the first member of Iona’s new Orchestrator product family. It is designed to increase the productivity of mobile workers by allowing them to work equally well with or without a network connection.

According to the company, Mobile Orchestrator enables clients to work with the enterprise applications and data they need while disconnected. It automatically saves all of a user’s work and interactions with those applications and data and upon detection of a wired or Wi-Fi network, synchronises data and documents between the mobile user’s PC and enterprise applications. This solution is referred to by Iona as ‘Occasionally Connected Computing’ (OCC) and was developed in alliance with Intel to support its upcoming Centrino mobile chip.

“It’s exciting to experience the productivity advancements of Occasionally Connected solutions,” said Chris S Thomas, chief strategist at Intel. “Iona’s Mobile Orchestrator is providing an infrastructure that enables solutions to be productive offline, while optimising network latency and enabling the user to utilise the applications of their choosing. Once users experience these new levels of productivity, efficiency and choice they’ll accept nothing less,” he added.

“The future of workforce productivity is about untethered business processes because Wi-Fi is exploding and browser-based interfaces are unsatisfactory in that environment,” said Iona CEO Barry Morris.

By Dick O’Brien