Ireland tops Dell’s
recycling initiative

22 Jun 2005

Irish online recycling and computer donations accounted for more than a quarter of Dell’s total EMEA recycling numbers in the first three months of this year, fresh new figures indicate.

The Irish take-up of Dell’s global Asset Recovery Services (ARS) launched last year stands at 27pc of the total EMEA numbers, up from 19pc last year. The trend follows an awareness campaign by Dell in the local market.

As part of Dell’s policy that ‘No Computer Should Go to Waste’, Irish consumers can recycle any used computer system, monitor or printer through the Dell website at no cost with a new purchase. Dell will also accept back Dell-branded computer hardware from consumers who wish to recycle through the same service without a purchase.

Dell also offers Irish customers the option of donating used equipment to its recycling centre. Any brand of used computer equipment meeting minimum specifications can be accepted by the centre and collected from consumers’ homes for placement with organisations providing services to those with disabilities.

“Last year alone Irish customers recycled more than 22 tons of computer equipment for free through Dell,” said Jean Cox-Kearns, Dell’s senior manager for ARS in EMEA.

“These figures not only place Irish consumers in the top tier of our EMEA region but also emphasise the importance of having these services available.

“It makes sense to provide these services in the country where we have our EMEA manufacturing headquarters. Ireland is helping to lead the way by showing how these services can be used effectively,” Cox-Kearns said.

By John Kennedy