Irish Data Forum in November puts the ‘I’ back into IT

22 Oct 2013

Gartner fellow, Steve Prentice, will deliver a keynote address at the Irish Data Forum in Dublin on 22 November

Cloud computing, big data, data analytics, open data, data science – these are just some of the key areas that will be tackled when leaders gather at The Irish Data Forum, hosted by Silicon Republic in Dublin’s Convention Centre on Friday, 22 November 2013.

Stephen Prentice, VP at Gartner Research, and Gartner fellow, has already been confirmed to keynote. He and other international keynotes will set the global scene, while local leaders in the sector will take part as panelists in this major event. The Irish Data Forum: Putting the ‘I’ Back in IT will examine the data revolution and how Ireland can be at its heart.

Prentice focuses on the evolving relationship between technology, business and society – interpreting the complex interactions and trends for a business audience. He combines technical understanding with human and behavioural factors to build a compelling perspective on how technology is changing the world, and frequently delivers keynote presentations at high-profile events around the world. He works primarily with senior business executives across multiple industries around the world to help them build effective business strategies for the digital age. With a broad background in telecommunications, hardware, software and professional services covering more than three decades, he has a wealth of experience and expertise to bring to delegates at the forum.

Panelists will include leaders from IBM, OVH, TibusHost, Science Foundation Ireland, Interxion and TelecityGroup, among others.

Overall, the themes of the morning will include:
• Cloud Evolution
• Big Data
• Data strategies, Large and Small
• The Power of Analytics
• Innovative Data-Driven Business Models
• The Future of Connected Health
• Open Data – Oil for Innovation
• Connected, Open Government
• Data Protection, Security and Privacy

Keep an eye on the Irish Data Forum website, as new names will be added to the line-up in coming days.