Irish firm launches tool to simplify IT administration

8 Jan 2007

An Irish company has launched a new ‘Swiss army knife’ software tool aimed at making routine but time-consuming IT administration tasks easier.

The launch follows an extensive period of research and development. The Dublin-based firm SID2U is has made its ASA (Automated Systems Administration) software available in Ireland and has also announced a distribution partnership covering Italy and Switzerland as part of a planned European rollout.

In a separate development, the company recently won a significant European project with HP in Italy for the development of open platform technology.

SID2U’s ASA product is an all-in-one system designed to ease the burden of managing network environments, handling security and supporting regulatory compliance. It’s intended to simplify critical but labour-intensive system administration jobs.

Features include early warning alerts with diagnostic information that can be sent to administrators’ mobile phones, the ability to update desktops from a central point with new software and a monitor for IP networks with the capability for setting bandwidth limits. The software licence control lets businesses save money by renewing only their essential software licences and the software’s patch management function can take care of security updates for Windows or McAfee and AVG antivirus software.

According to Tom Flynn, founder and managing director of SID2U, ASA is suitable for a range of users, including network managers, system administrators as well as IT directors, CIOs, financial managers, security and compliance managers. “ASA gives users enhanced usability and network management flexibility to meet the real needs of their environment and free up administration time to focus on more business-critical issues,” he said.

ASA is pitched at companies in a range of vertical markets and sizes. SID2U is offering a 30-day free trial of the software from its website at

By Gordon Smith