Irish firm showcases high-def tech in Las Vegas

7 Jan 2008

Balbriggan-based technology firm RedMere Technology demonstrated its leading-edge, ultra low-power cable technology for HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas which kicked off today.

Redmere’s RM1689 is a semiconductor device that allows HDMI connection between high-definition televisions and peripherals at a low cost and with narrower cables.

This adoption of thinner cables that consume less power is attractive to manufacturers of small, portable consumer devices such as digital cameras and handheld gaming consoles.

RedMere’s low-power semiconductor technology has been patented by the company as ‘Zero Power Active’ and is offered as a product range under Cable MagnifEye.

HDMI technology is also going wireless as many manufacturers including Sony and LG unveiled their plans at the CES to reduce pesky cable tangles and allow the user more freedom in their living room to put their set-top box or HD player wherever they want in relation to their TV screen.

High-definition televisions are also becoming increasingly compatible with other digital media as Panasonic introduced a new range of televisions and Blu-ray players that will accept SD memory cards through an in-built slot.

By Marie Boran