IT problems hinder cost-conscious businesses

28 Jul 2011

There is a real consequence to businesses when cost concerns prevail over IT decisions, a study by HP suggests.

Eight-nine per cent of companies that placed cost concerns over the best IT solutions have experienced IT-related problems, reveals HP‘s survey of more than 500 IT managers at small business across the US.

Nearly all (93pc) of companies have placed cost concerns over IT solutions.

The IT-related problems include low-performing hardware (experienced by 46pc of companies), out-of-date hardware (experienced by 37pc of firms) and unreliable hardware (experienced by 23pc of companies), leading to suboptimal computing efficiency and an overall loss of productivity.

The survey also revealed that 54pc of small businesses cite summer as the peak season for working remotely. With 58pc of IT managers stating they have not invested in network security this year, companies will find they are adding pressure and potentially greater security risks to their already stressed IT networks.

“The survey findings confirm that budget-constrained small businesses are playing tug of war when it comes to balancing smart IT purchasing decisions and their budgets,” says Stephen DiFranco, senior vice-president and general manager, Personal Systems Group – Americas, HP.