IT Rollout in backup deal with KeepITsafe

16 Jun 2009

IT service provider IT Rollout has signed a deal with KeepITsafe to offer online backup as an alternative to its client base.

Given the challenging economic times, there is a constant demand for IT support providers to continuously research the market for more cost-efficient, yet improved solutions for their clients.

It was with this in mind that IT Rollout signed on to the KeepITsafe’s partner programme, allowing the company to offer an online backup solution to its customers.

“Our clients are always looking for the best technologies available that will improve their systems without breaking their budget spend. What we found is that online backup solutions give them the perfect option,” explained Rodney Moore, managing director, IT Rollout.

IT Rollout has secured three online backup contracts to date and is focused on developing a healthy pipeline of online backup projects moving forward. The company has more than 4,000 IT project completions under its belt.

“The advantages to our customers include the disaster recovery offered by offsite storage but also the advantage of not needing any capital outlay for purchasing new equipment,” Rodney said.

“There are no ongoing media costs or staff costs and running costs are limited to paying a monthly fee.

“Gone are the old days of searching for the right tape or the reliance on staff members to remember to set the backup at the right time,” he added.

The global shift towards online backup as a fully managed solution has allowed IT companies to gain extra momentum with existing customers worldwide.

The upsell to existing customers is simple as it is a more cost-effective solution than traditional methods. It also gives peace of mind to customers who have extremely sensitive information, historically stored on hazardous USB sticks!

“We are finding that many IT companies are realising the revenue stream available to them through selling keepITsafe,” said Eoin Blacklock, managing director, KeepITsafe.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Rodney Moore, managing director, IT Rollout, and Eoin Blacklock, managing director, KeepITsafe