IT trends for 2016? Data management, that’s the main one (infographic)

18 Feb 2016

A new report from Nitro points towards security and cloud computing as two primary targets for businesses’ IT departments this year, with data management, of course, a priority.

Australian-founded and San Francisco-headquartered, Nitro is a modern document management company, basically bringing modern communication tools to information management.

Amid its work, it also surveys companies, which occasionally leads to snappy reports like this latest one, which look at 2016’s IT trends.

Data storage is growing to such a degree of late that it’s not how its housed that is the problem anymore, more how it is processed. This is putting a huge strain on IT departments, which are often tasked with inhaling mounds of data and presenting it in a digestible format that, truthfully, can never be comprehensive.

In a recent look through the various industrial revolutions of the past 200 years, Tibco’s Ernesto Ongaro made the point that, rather than speeding up communications, or dragging production lines into the future, we’re in an age held back by our inability to understand what’s right in front of us.

“Unlike the previous industrial revolutions,” he wrote, “which were topped by how much information we could transmit and receive, [Now] we are limited by how much information we can process and act upon.“

One of Nitro’s findings, which relates to this, is that over half of IT pros are expecting their departments to get more investment in 2016. Sadly, though, the increase will be only marginal, around $2,000 per company.

Elsewhere, most businesses will not be growing their IT departments, despite increasing the work that will flow through them.

“With the explosive growth of data and documents generated across multiple channels in business, IT pros are under increasing pressure to seek out solutions that improve user productivity while meeting organisational goals for enhanced document security and sustainability,” according to the report.

IT Trends 2016

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic