Jesus Heist! Bank clerks use wireless hardware to steal stg£2m

24 Apr 2014

Three bank clerks from Lloyds TSB in the UK are alleged to have attempted to steal stg£2m from the bank’s computer system by plugging a hardware device into a colleague’s computer.

Clerks Tai Hulbert-Thomas (27), Neil Bautista (22) and Mawli Thurairaja (30) are accused of using a device and stolen login to steal stg£2,036,500 from Halifax branches in Berkshire and North London.

The wireless device allowed remote access into the bank’s secure banking systems, according to the Oxford Mail.

While the gang attempted to get away with more than stg£2m, the actual loss to the bank was just over stg£440,000.

The scam was rumbled when branch managers became aware of a suspicious transaction of around stg£50,000 into a customer’s account.

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In total, 14 accounts received suspicious transactions amounting to stg£605,000 between 5.59am and 7.15am, when the branch was meant to have been closed.

Investigators found the gang had planted a USB mouse, keyboard and mass storage device on one of the computers at the branch, as well as a bug that allowed remote access to the computer through the internet.

“The device allowed remote access into the secure banking systems that led to fraudulent transfers being made by the criminal group, causing significant loss to the bank,” according to prosecutor James Thacker.

Data security image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years