Laya Healthcare invest €120,000 to improve IT security

24 Sep 2014

Laya Healthcare has announced a deal with IT security provider Ward Solutions that the health insurer says will deliver a “comprehensive information security service” to protect customers against emerging threats.

With more than 475,000 clients, Laya handle a huge amount of confidential client data. Working to protect that information from potentially being accessed by hackers, Ward Solutions recently carried out a full risk assessment, which has led to the introduction of an improved security management system. Ward value the contract at €120,000 over 18 months.

“We are committed to reinforcing the protection of all our confidential customer data on an ongoing basis,” said Ian Brennan, Laya’s director of information technology, upon the announcement. “Ward Solutions has helped us join the dots across the organisation and has provided us with a complete overview of our information security environment. The resulting actionable reports have enabled us to become more proactive as we mitigate risk in the ever evolving security landscape.

Brendan Molloy, business development manager, Ward Solutions, added, “Our goal is to ensure we are doing the right thing for our customers and our specialists spend a lot of time training and researching the latest threats so that we can always provide the very best advice and support. We will continue working closely with Laya Healthcare to give them the highest levels of confidence that risk is managed appropriately.” 

In August, Ward confirmed plans to create 22 new jobs at its Dublin and Belfast offices as part of a €1.8m expansion.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic