LG Cloud to let users manage content on PCs, mobiles, smart TVs

30 Apr 2012

LG Electronics is launching its own cloud service, offering the beta opening on 1 May. LG Cloud will let users manage and consume content on Android smartphones, PCs and smart TVs.

The service will let users synchronise content on smartphones, PCs and TVs through a cloud server. For example, videos taken on a smartphone can be streamed on a TV and videos edited on a PC can be uploaded to LG Cloud to view on a smartphone. LG Cloud also works for 3D content.

It utilises LG’s Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology, which allows the conversion to occur on the server in real time rather than on the device. This allows for a reduced lag time, according to LG.

LG Cloud will be offered as both a free and paid service and will be rolled out gradually to different regions with different price plans for each area.

It will be available through the LG Cloud app on the Google Play market for Android devices, the LG Cloud website for PCs and the LG SmartWorld store from LG smart TVs.