Location, location, location for IT workers

7 Sep 2007

A growing number of IT workers who are comfortable computing but hate commuting are making location a key factor in choosing their next role.

An analysis of placements in the UK by IT recruiter CV Agency found that on average employees were commuting 15.5 miles to their place of work and took on average 29 minutes to arrive at the office.

CV Screen director Matthew Iveson said that location is increasingly having a greater influence on career choices with employees keen to maintain a better work/life balance.

“One of the main factors enabling the reduction in commuting hours is that candidates are able to pinpoint roles on job boards which are within a certain radius of their home.

“Candidates are acutely aware that the traditional long working hours coupled with greater commuting times impinge on their home life and lifestyle choices.

“As such candidates are factoring in the ease of the commute and whether home working is available when selecting a new role to a much greater degree.

“The current skills shortage in the IT industry has ensured that candidates are able to be incredibly selective when moving jobs.

“Recruiters and employers must be aware of this and be aware that employing well qualified local candidates will often lead to a reduction in staff turnover,” Iveson said.

By John Kennedy