LulzSec Reborn and is leaking 10,000 Twitter accounts

12 Jun 2012135 Views

A group calling itself LulzSec Reborn has leaked 10,000 Twitter usernames and passwords of individuals who subscribe to Gif-sharing app TweetGif.

The details, which were posted onto Pastebin as a SQL file, contained usernames, passwords, real names, bios, avatars and tweets, according to PC Magazine.

TweetGif allows users to share animated Gif cliparts.

LulzSec Reborn claims to be a resurrected form of LulzSec, which came to notoriety last year for high-profile attacks on US corporations and State departments.

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In March, the FBI arrested senior members of LulzSec. Five men were arrested, including two Irish alleged hackers: Darren Martyn, aka, ‘Pwnsauce’, and Donncha O’Cearbhail, aka, ‘Palladium’.

According to Imperva, three-quarters of web apps may be vulnerable to remote file inclusion attack because they include insecure tools for uploading images and video.

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