Member State ICT security incidents low in 2009

9 Dec 2010

New research has pointed out that a low share of the European Union 27 Member States (EU 27) were affected by ICT security incidents during 2009.

The study found that ICT security incidents due to hardware or software failure were experienced by only 12pc of enterprises in the EU 27 while incidents resulting in the destruction or corruption of data were limited to 5pc of enterprises.

Half of the enterprises in the EU27 used a strong password or hardware token for authentication and user identification, the research found.

The data comes from Eurostat – the statistical office of the EU – and compiled responses from EU 27 as well as Croatia, Iceland and Norway.

Mobile broadband in business

The study found also found that two-thirds (67pc) of large enterprises used mobile broadband connections in the EU 27. This compared with 43pc for medium enterprises and 22pc for small enterprises. The research found that 85pc had fixed broadband connections and 94pc of enterprises had access to the internet in January 2010.

Topping the list of mobile broadband connections were Finland (95pc), Austria and Sweden (91pc).

Reported incidents

The most commonly reported incident by enterprises in EU27 Member States where those resulting in an unavailability of ICT services, destruction or corruption of data due to hardware or software failures.

Ireland (64pc) was listed among the two-thirds of enterprises that use passwords or tokens for user authentication, as well as Italy (66pc), Slovenia, Spain (64pc) and Luxembourg (62pc).