Michael McGrath, Irish Government CIO, to step down from role

6 May 2015

Government decisions image via Shutterstock

The Irish Government’s chief information officer Michael McGrath is to step down from his position at the end of this month.

McGrath is the latest person to unexpectedly step down from the position after his predecessor Bill McCluggage left the position just seven months after he was appointed in 2013.

It is understood that McGrath is leaving to pursue other opportunities.

He was appointed on an interim basis in May 2014.

A search for a new CIO will begin in the coming weeks, it is understood.

McGrath made his presence felt this year when he scrapped the Irish Government’s version of the UK’s G-Cloud because responses to its tender did not meet the standards required.

Instead he spearheaded a less complex government cloud that allowed public service bodies to securely connect, authenticate users and control their data in a cloud environment.

Finding a replacement CIO should be a priority

The decision by McGrath has been met with surprise in the IT industry.

“The resignation of the Government CIO, Michael McGrath, is an unfortunate development and potentially a barrier to the progress of the National ICT Strategy,” said Bob Murray, managing director of HiberniaEvros Technology Group.

“The implementation of good e-government initiatives driven by a robust technology infrastructure is critical to the nation’s economic and social development, and a Government CIO is an invaluable commodity in achieving this.

“It has the ability to drive real change and efficiency in our public services, which will benefit all citizens. Finding a highly qualified and suitable candidate for the position should be a priority,” Murray said.

Government decisions image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years