Microsoft investigating possible privacy breach

17 Feb 2010

Some Windows Live customers may have received access to other users’ information in a possible privacy glitch that Microsoft is now investigating.

“Microsoft is investigating reports of a limited number of instances in which Windows Live customers may have access to other customers’ accounts when accessing their account through mobile web browser,” the company said in a statement.

“Microsoft takes customers’ privacy seriously, and immediately upon learning of these reports, we started an investigation.”

The company added it “will take appropriate action once we have completed the investigation.”

Microsoft’s internet-ID service shuts down

Microsoft was also dealing with the shutdown of its internet-identification service for an hour yesterday morning, after a single server went down and placed an increased load on the remaining allocation of servers.

The outage affected Microsoft’s Windows Live ID system, preventing some users from signing into their free web-based Hotmail e-mail accounts and other services. Microsoft has since restored service and apologised for the problem.

More than 460 million users have online IDs that work with the system, according to Microsoft’s website.

Photo: Microsoft is looking reports a possible privacy glitch with respect to Windows Live