Microsoft removal of Google ‘new tab page’ could backfire

27 May 2010

The Google new tab page feature has been retired on Internet Explorer 8 at Microsoft’s request. But the real question is will this decision backfire and result in IE8 users moving to Firefox or Chrome.

Since late last year, Internet Explorer 8 users who would have downloaded Google search functions for their browser began to notice the new tab page that would have featured their most recent activity had disappeared.

In recent days, the number of queries from users appears to have increased exponentially.

According to a statement from Google Customer Support: “Google new tab page retired on IE only. We were recently asked by Microsoft to remove the Google new tab page from the Google Toolbar per their add-on requirements (online).

“If you’d like to continue using the Google new tab page, please try Firefox with Google Toolbar or the Google Chrome Web Browser from,” the statement read.

User response to the change could be quick and decisive, with one IT department head on a Google Web Elements forum on the subject stating he will transfer the 30-plus PCs in his office over to either Firefox or Chrome.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years