Money and time no object for IT project managers

22 May 2008

Over two thirds of Irish project managers don’t feel getting projects in on time and on budget is a priority, new data has revealed.

According to research by project management specialists Parity Ireland, only a third of project managers feel that completing on time and on budget are critical to project success. Some 70pc rated meeting organisational objectives as being the most important factor.

The survey polled over 200 IT workers, nearly 90pc of whom had worked on an IT project during the past three years.

The most important measure of success among the respondent project managers was to achieve organisational objectives (70pc), with budget being a key consideration for 35pc of respondents, completing the project on time a consideration for 38pc and matching stakeholder expectations key for 63pc.

The research found that the most important individual competence for IT project workers was planning; some 59pc considered that the ability to plan, prioritise and prepare in advance was the most important competence. The second most important was conveying information clearly and accurately, scored by 57pc of respondents.

The new research follows on from a recent study by Clarion Consulting that found that half of all IT projects in Ireland are late or over budget. The new findings suggest the over-run rate is down to these considerations not being prioritised by Irish IT project managers.

“Our experience proves that strong leadership, backed up by excellent project management methodologies, collaboration and reporting tools, are the vital ingredients for delivering successful projects within time and budget constraints,” commented Parity’s country manager for Ireland, Ken Roulston(pictured).

“The application of these key strands should mean that every team member is working to a common goal, and that projects remain focused and on track, even when there are changes during the lifespan of the project.”

By Niall Byrne