Most firms aren’t aware they are already using cloud computing (infographic)

30 May 2012

Businesses are so confused about cloud computing to the extent they are already using the technology without realising it, a new study reveals.

The O2 survey found that almost half (45pc) of firms surveyed are confused or very confused by the term cloud computing.

While just one in five say they are currently using cloud computing, the study finds 48pc are using one or more cloud apps: 29pc of firms say they use Google Docs; 20pc are using Dropbox and 17pc are using Microsoft’s Office 365.

“Business owners remain generally confused about cloud computing, yet they are adopting cloud services because of the clear benefits they offer,” Alan Brown, business director at Telefónica Ireland, explained.

The lack of awareness is most prevalent amongst smaller companies and the retail/wholesale and hotel/leisure sectors. Some 48pc of firms employing one to three people are confused about cloud computing. This falls to 40pc for those employing more than 10 people.

Cloud to generate 100,000 new jobs in Irish economy

The O2 study finds that of those who say they don’t currently use cloud computing, one in five is considering the technology.

Perceived benefits are widely spread across accessibility, ease of use, reduced cost, security and business continuity.

In terms of barriers to implementation of the cloud, a large majority (67pc) cite lack of awareness as their main or secondary reason.

In its Action Plan for Jobs 2012, the Irish Government identified the technology as part of its overall programme to create 100,000 net new jobs in the Irish economy by 2016.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years