NASA auctions patented computer coding software

27 Oct 2010

Five patents that can automatically generate software code are being auctioned by US aeronautical and aerospace organisation NASA.

The licence to the five patents for automated software development that encompasses a new method for automatically creating software code is the equivalent to user requirements specified in natural language, graphic formats, or other formats with a known semantic structure, according to NASA.

NASA – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – says it’s the first time that developers can have absolute confidence that the implementation meets their requirements and that the system operates correctly. NASA claims this is the first time the relationship is fully proven mathematically.

Improved reliability

Automated generation improves reliability of code while slashing software development time. The software could also be used to ensure there are minimum human coding errors.

The patents up for auction are – 7,668,796, 7,627,538, 7,752,608, 7,739,671 and 7,543,274 – and are expected to sell for somewhere exceeding $250,000 (or €180,000).