Netflix customers: Watch out for the latest scam

10 Nov 2016

Netflix. Image: M-SUR/Shutterstock

The number of phishing scams around at the moment is probably too big to count, and the latest is targeting Netflix customers.

For the second time this year, a scam targeting Netflix customers is doing the rounds – notable enough for Eset to warn users to take care when responding to emails.

Called ‘Netflix cancellation’, the email looks pretty legitimate and purports to be from the Netflix help desk.

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It says “We’re sorry to say goodbye”, providing a cancellation date and the tried and trusted dodgy link for victims to click on.

The provided link then directs the victims to a phishing website, where they are asked to fill in their personal details, including their credit card number. As Eset explains: “You know where it goes from there.”


The latest Netflix scam. Image: Eset

The variety of scams is not as broad as the areas they are targeting. Last week, a very similar one saw victims contacted by people claiming to be the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

A series of emails, varying in quality, also sought click-throughs to dodgy sites.

So many people were getting hit that the Revenue responded, saying fraudulent emails and text messages are increasing.

“These emails and text messages did not issue from Revenue,” it said. “The Revenue Commissioners never send emails or text messages requiring customers to send personal information via email, text or pop-up windows.”


In April, a separate Netflix scam was doing the rounds. In this case, spam emails arrived in Irish email inboxes asking users to “update their payment method” by logging into their Netflix account.

By analysing the link, Eset said that the email address appears to be of Norwegian origin, but when taking a closer look, it becomes clear that the malicious link directs to a Ukrainian web address.

Like all phishing scams, the hope is that of the estimated 300,000 Netflix users in Ireland, a small but significant percentage of them would not be aware that the email is fraudulent.

Netflix. Image: M-SUR/Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic