New Microsoft portal paves path to security training

15 Jun 2006

Responding to the changing nature of IT security threats, Microsoft has launched a free online portal that provides security training and a range of related material.

The site caters for a range of different user levels from beginners to IT professionals. Called The Learning Paths for Security academy, it includes more than 100 hours of original webcasts and online seminar material in addition to blogs, bulletins, free downloads and free security tools. The portal can be visited at

The content covers security concepts, issues and features. More advanced users will be given access to higher-level material covering in-depth understanding of features in a real-world environment, coding skills, architecture, performance, migration, deployment and development material. The highest level material offers expert-to-expert interaction and coverage of specialised topics, Microsoft said.

The portal includes: security guides such as white papers and resource kits as well as online and downloadable tutorials and articles. The webcasts run the gamut from interactive technical presentations to product demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions presented by security experts.

Online seminars can also be accessed at the portal: these provide learning materials including recordings of live events, presentations, video demonstrations, white papers, tools and other resources.

Mike Hughes, Windows client lead with Microsoft Ireland, said that the portal would give information and guidance on understanding and minimising risk from a technological and behavioural standpoint. “The key to successfully reducing personal and organisational risk is vigilance, education and preparation,” he said. “We’ve built the Learning Paths portal to bring together extensive advice and training on the best security practices.”

By Gordon Smith