Number of Flashback-infected Macs fall – Norton

13 Apr 2012

The number of Macs infected with the FlashBack Trojan has fallen to 270,000, according to online security firm Norton. However, Norton still warned Mac users to ensure they have security precautions in place against malware.

Last week, security firm Doctor Web discovered a Trojan which infects Mac users by exploiting a Java vulnerability. It affected 600,000 Macs worldwide and 0.1pc of these machines were located in Ireland.

The Trojan infected Macs whose users were redirected to a bogus website. It is capable of stealing passwords and personal information.

It seems many Mac users have acted since the Trojan’s discovery, as the number of infected Macs has reduced to 270,000, according to Norton. However, Norton internet safety advocate Marian Merritt warned Mac users to still be wary of security threats, in spite of the operating system’s reputation for avoiding viruses mostly targeted at the Windows platform.

“The Flashback Trojan is a wake-up call for everyone who’s online – no matter what platform or device they use,” said Merritt.

“No operating system is immune to malware attack and whether you’re using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, you should have security precautions in place,” said Meritt.

Apple said it would release software for Mac users to combat the Trojan. Norton has released its own tool to remove the malware, which is available for free to Mac users.