On guard! Sword Ciboodle passes Forrester test

22 Oct 2008

Business software firm Sword Ciboodle has been identified by Forrester as a major new player in the business process management (BPM) space in the US.

The Irish company, formerly known as Graham Technology, is a provider of customer-oriented business software and services. It participated in the Forrester Wave: Process-Centric Customer Service Software Solutions, Q4 2008 report.

Sword Ciboodle is the award-winning, business-process-driven, CRM (customer relationship management) software product for multi-channel contact centres.

Targeted primarily to large companies in sectors such as banking, insurance, utilities, telecommunications and retail, it is the only BPM-based CRM product that enables all service channels natively from a single platform.

Opening the section on process-centric products, the report said: “As organsations are realising the importance of truly integrating end-to-end, customer-facing processes from front office to back office, they are turning to solutions with native BPM capabilities that can support highly unique – and flexible – process flows.”

After identifying the company as the sole leader in the process-centric segment, the report stated: “Sword Ciboodle, a relatively new player in the US, has advanced workflow capabilities coupled with deep professional services expertise in utilities and finance.”

The report also stated: “Under its former name (Graham Technology), the company had achieved a growing reputation as a leader in the field of customer interaction management, with a focus on contact centres.”

Sword Ciboodle also received the highest score in the report for time-to-value.

“Focusing our product development on delivering exceptional, process-based, CRM software has been the driving force behind Sword Ciboodle’s business strategy for several years now, and we are delighted to have emerged as the sole leader in the process-centric section of this Forrester Wave report,” said Paul White, sales and marketing director, Sword Ciboodle.

“It was also excellent to see that we have achieved the highest score in time-to-value, which we know from several recent client successes is a factor that is of increasing importance to potential customers in the current economic climate.”

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years