One-time passwords arrive to help secure Facebook pages

13 Oct 2010

Facebook has unveiled a new feature that allows users to protect their accounts when they log into public computers through one-time passwords.

If users want to access the site on a public computer but don’t feel comfortable in using their own password, they can link their phone number to Facebook, then text “otp” to 32665.

They’ll then be texted back a temporary password which can only be used once and expires within 20 minutes.

This will help improve security for Facebook pages for public areas, such as hotels and airports. Keyloggers will be unable to use this password to access the page, as the password will have expired.

The feature will be rolled out to everyone in the next coming weeks, said Facebook.

Other features were recently revealed to help heighten security on Facebook pages.

One feature lets users remotely sign out of accounts. This will help when users forget to sign off a computer and only realise when they’re away from it.

The other service will regularly tell users about updating their security information. This information is necessary for Facebook in order to verify if a user’s password is lost or compromised.