Openmind gets the message across to Asians

31 May 2007

Irish messaging firm Openmind Networks has signed a deal to provide enhanced SMS and MMS hubbing services across Asia.

The company has partnered with CITIC 1616, one of the leading telecommunications hubs to provide telecom services to mobile operators in the Asia Pacific region.

The CITIC 1616 SMS and MMS Interworking Gateway (SMS/MMS-IG) service provides SMS and MMS routing, interoperability, translations and management across technologies for ubiquitous messaging services among wireless operators.

Openmind Networks will deploy its Traffic Control product to provide intelligent inter- and intra-operator message routing for SMS, MMS and IMS services. The company has developed a suite of product extensions that extend the underlying capabilities of Traffic Control to address key business areas including spam and privacy protection, personalised service support and adaptation to standard compliant application servers.

“Openmind Networks is delighted to partner with CITIC1616 to provide their mobile operator customers with enhanced SMS and MMS interoperability services. Our Traffic Control message router allows CITIC1616 to meet the existing SMS and MMS business requirements and also is highly expandable for future business requirements,” said Alex Duncan, CEO, Openmind Networks.

“CITIC 1616 and Openmind Networks have been working closely together on the SMS and MMS hubbing projects.” said Jimmy Wong, director of engineering, CITIC 1616. “CITIC 1616 has chosen Traffic Control, Openmind Networks’ multi-protocol message router, to strengthen our service offering and provide scalability as our business grows with the CITIC1616 global mobile operator base.”

By Niall Byrne