Oracle releases security patch for Java vulnerability

31 Aug 2012

The Java vulnerability that had begun to be exploited by cybercriminals has finally been addressed by Oracle with the release of Java Version 7, Update 7.

Before now, the only way to protect computers from potential malware attacks exploiting this vulnerability was to disable or remove Java altogether. This is no longer necessary, thankfully, as Oracle has decided to release an update ahead of its scheduled Critical Patch Update in October.

The critical Java security vulnerability was apparently reported to Oracle back in April by security research company Security Explorations, and it has since been integrated with the Blackhole attack toolkit, a commercial exploit toolkit used by cybercriminals to infect computers with malware through compromised websites.

Java Version 7, Update 7 is available to download now, and users advised to update as soon as possible and not to wait for automatic updates to be rolled out.

Image via Shutterstock

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic