Organisations grapple with big data initiatives – study

13 Sep 2012

Most organisations need to address various core data needs and technology infrastructure issues before launching big-data initiatives, research by the non-profit association for the IT industry CompTIA suggests.

CompTIA‘s Big Data Insights and Opportunities study finds only 37pc of IT and business executives report being very familiar or mostly familiar with the concept.

About one in five businesses claim to have a big-data initiative under way, and 36pc plan to embark on one in the next year.

“As expected for an emerging technology with an evolving definition, many executives are still moving along the big data learning curve,” said Tim Herbert, vice-president, research, CompTIA.

“Not every business will need a big data strategy, but just about every business will need to effectively aggregate, store, manage and analyse the data they do have, regardless of its volume, velocity or variety.”

Slightly more than one-third of survey respondents say they are exactly or very close to where they want to be in managing and using data.

In relatively few areas do businesses report proficiency. Only 20pc of respondents say they are currently doing well at analysing web traffic patterns, 15pc at measuring email marketing campaign effectiveness, and 12pc at social media monitoring.

Herbert said basic work needs to be done before many companies are ready for a big-data initiative.

“Many companies are still struggling with analytics, storage, backup and business continuity,” he said.

The study also reveals that 53pc of companies plan to invest in training to develop employees’ skills. Thirty-two per cent of firms expect to explore hiring options to add new staff with the desired expertise.

Big data image via Shutterstock

Big data is one of the areas that will be tackled at Silicon Republic’s Cloud Capital Forum in Dublin’s Convention Centre on the morning of November 23, 2012. More information here.