PCs go 0-watt with Fujitsu Siemens

10 Mar 2009

While in hibernation or sleep mode, all computers consume a certain amount of power, until now. The 0-watt PC from Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC), as debuted at CeBIT ’09, consumes zero power while off or in sleep mode, but still remains administrable.

The PC comes in two models: the ESPRIMO E7935 0-Watt and ESPRIMO P7935 0-Watt, which will both be available from summer 2009.

As far as savings go, recent research from Gartner shows that firms with 2,500 PCs can save more than US$40,000 per year by implementing a power-management functionality. However, by turning off or unplugging machines, a further US$6500 can be saved.

According to the survey, the reason many firms don’t do this is because they fear they will experience downtime as a result of updates needing to be carried out during working hours.

While the FSC 0-watt PC doesn’t use any power when it is in off-mode or hibernation, it receives updates and stays administrable by using a preconfigured time slot, and it can also receive software updates outside of normal working hours.

Current EU law states that by 5 January 2013, all PC manufacturers must have units compliant with 0.5 watts (or less) energy consumption during stand-by mode.

By Marie Boran