PixAlert creates web app for detecting risky images

4 Jul 2011

PixAlert, a Dublin company that has created technology for scanning networks to detect data loss and inappropriate image content, has created a new web trial site for its Auditor technology.

With a growing and constant challenge of protecting corporate reputation, brand integrity and employees against inappropriate imagery and exposure of sensitive critical data on networks, PixAlert is providing pioneering security software to help manage and protect network systems.  

The free, 14-day trial facility will allow users to run a limited number of critical data and image scans on a specified directory, helping to provide visibility in identifying specific exposures that exist within a network. 

“With a steady increase in the volume and cost of corporate data breach incidents and the ongoing threat posed by inappropriate image distribution, network visibility is an invaluable part of the security process and an essential starting point in minimising risk,” Gerard Curtin, CEO of PixAlert, explained.

“The discovery process can be an enlightening experience in pinpointing and indentifying where weaknesses exist, allowing organisations take protective measures and put best practice security procedures in place. PixAlert’s Auditor trial will help organisations realise some of these risks by highlighting specific data and image issues that may exist and through informed reporting take further action, if required,” Curtin added.

PixAlert’s Critical Data and Image Auditor products enable organisations to rapidly identify and comprehensively discover where sensitive data and inappropriate images risk reside across corporate networks, helping organisations safeguard, manage and protect critical, unsecured and valuable corporate sensitive information.  

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years