PlayStation owners can now save games to the cloud

10 Mar 2011

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released Online Storage for PlayStation 3, letting PlayStation Plus members store their games saves in the cloud.

Some 150MB will be available to PlayStation Plus members to allow them to back up their game saves online. A maximum of 1,000 game saves is also applied to this.

Gamers can access their Online Storage through the XcrossMediaBar under the Games icon. From here, they can save their game data to the cloud or download it and pick up where they left off.

Because of how users can access the save data through logging into the PlayStation Network account, they can access this at a friend’s house, meaning gamers can share saved games with each other or continue on with the game at a friend’s house. Gamers can also avoid the risk of losing their saved data if they upgrade their console.

However, there will be a 24-hour period after saving before they can access the data on a different PS3.

The Online Storage service will be available from today.