Poor strategy threatens investments in cloud computing

10 Mar 2011

Companies are adopting cloud without any clear strategy and are starting to use platforms or services in the cloud before considering any long-term effect, a co-author of new cloud strategy book revels.

Cloud is here and it is ready to be used, say the authors Erik van Ommeren and Martin van den Berg, who wrote a new book from Sogeti entitled Seize the Cloud – A Manager’s Guide to Success with Cloud Computing that aims to evaporate the knowledge mist around the cloud.

They say the conversation has turned away from pure technology and now focuses on the business side, the economics and the governance aspects of cloud.

According to van Ommeren, there are still some challenging questions around cloud, but nothing that discards the concept as a whole. For example, the question is no longer ‘Is cloud secure?’ but more ‘Can I use this specific cloud solution for my specific situation’?

And as soon as you become specific, the mist of the cloud evaporates: it becomes clear that good concepts, services and solutions are within arms’ reach for everyone.

Putting structure on the cloud debate

“Addressing the cloud in a non-structured way can cause more damage than benefits,” van Ommeren said.

“An enterprise architecture approach is key to the success of any major cloud initiative. The book has a positive note without turning evangelical or overly optimistic: it does not shy away from the barriers that could stand in the way of adoption.”

As an important dose of reality, 11 cases can be found in between the chapter in which leading organisations share insights gained from their experiences with cloud.

“Everywhere you go, cloud is a hot topic. But the need, from organisations all over the world, for a clear and pragmatic view on the subject, is growing fast. That is the reason why we decided to write this book. It is high time we clear the mist around the cloud so that the majority of organisations can start realising the benefits of the many services available in the cloud,” explained van Ommeren.

Seize the Cloud – A Manager’s Guide to Success with Cloud Computing serves as a guide through the business and enterprise architecture aspects of cloud computing. In a down-to-earth way, cloud is woven into the reality of running an organisation, managing IT and creating value with technology. Along the way, the concept of business technology is introduced as a new kind of interaction between business and IT. In addition, a new look at the economics of IT is described.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years