Postcode system vital to e-commerce and Sat Nav

19 Oct 2007

Ireland’s adoption of future e-commerce services as well as the use of satellite navigation and the merger of both have been given a welcome boost with the news that Communications Minister Eamon Ryan TD has outlined plans for postcodes.

In most European countries satellite navigation systems are tailored to work seamlessly around postcode systems.

As well as this, proponents of direct marketing have been calling for a postcode system to boost accuracy.

Speaking yesterday Minister Ryan said: “There were fears that the advent of e-commerce and widespread use of the internet would sound the death-knell of traditional mail delivery.

“The reality, however, is that we have seen a significant expansion in the volume of post as customers are looking for a personalised service direct to their doors. This is good news for postal providers and consumers alike,” Ryan said.

On postcodes, the Minister expressed his strong preference that these would be implemented sooner rather than later. “I believe we need an easily understood and widely applied postcode system as soon as possible. Such systems should be a standard component of a modern information society.

“Postcodes have a critical role to play in the development of a modern postal sector but they will also bring benefits to other sections of our society and to the Government’s general policy making. Greater certainty and knowledge around the location of our people and buildings will allow e-commerce to develop and improve planning decisions in the delivery of a wide range of social services,” Ryan said.

By John Kennedy