Price deters Irish IT buyers from going green

15 Mar 2007

Irish IT buyers are not willing to go green due to high cost, according to a recent iReach survey.

In an iReach study of 250 IT executives of Irish firms, 66pc believed that the Irish IT community could do more to reduce damage done by industry power consumption. However, only 33pc were willing to invest in green IT if it were more expensive.

IReach, an Irish research company specialising in telecommunications, media and technology, said that most ‘eco-friendly’ IT PCs or servers tend to be several hundred euros more expensive. It pointed out that “the return on investment that can be made, in the long term, can contribute to year-on-year cost savings in terms of utility cost”.

Neil Brennan of iReach cited a recent global report stating that 80pc of organisations have never undertaken an energy audit, a figure he said was “an extremely high number considering the benefits that these can furnish on an organisation”.

Aside from environmental issues, Brennan added that utility bills in Ireland are spiraling. “If organisations conduct an audit they will be able to ascertain the efficiency of heating, electricity and cooling systems within their operating environment.”

Irish companies may not know where to start when conducting such an audit. Brennan suggested that “if a company uses several machines that aren’t used to their full potential, these can be transferred into one physical central system which will mean savings in terms of hardware deployment”.

By Marie Boran