Private eBay user data leaked

26 Sep 2007

Ironically, the names and private information of 1,200 eBay users were posted yesterday in eBay’s public Trust & Safety forum, listing their contact information and what appeared to be credit card details.

An official from eBay acknowledged that the names and contact information appeared to be valid and “could have been secured as part of an account takeover” as opposed to security violation of eBay or Paypal’s database.

“These credit cards are not associated with financial information on file for these users at eBay or PayPal,” said the spokesperson.

The unknown person or persons behind this security breach carried out a hack which made it look as though 1,200 eBay users logged on to eBay and in close succession made a post in the Trust & Safety forum containing their account information.

EBay said that it is now in the process of contacting these users by phone so that they can “take the steps they need to protect themselves”.

Earlier this year, eBay experienced another security breach when a hacker calling himself Vladuz accessed the site’s private servers and posed as an eBay official on its forums.

By Marie Boran