pTools to unveil web content manager for SharePoint

6 Oct 2009

Microsoft’s breakthrough collaboration tool has been given an added boost, thanks to the efforts of Dublin firm pTools which has unveiled a new web content management (WCM) capability for the SharePoint interface.

The new tool will be introduced at the upcoming SharePoint conference, where pTools will be one of only two Irish businesses exhibiting.

At the conference, the up-and-coming pTools will also be announcing recent significant customer wins from the US and Canada, as well as closing partnership deals.

A range of customers in Ireland, UK, US and Canada are already deploying pTools within SharePoint environments, including the Irish Stock Exchange.

“pTools has very successfully developed their web content management software on the SharePoint platform,” said Paul Rellis, managing director of Microsoft Ireland.

“Through participating in the SharePoint event, the company will gain access and exposure to a vast number of customers and partners interested in connecting, sharing and collaborating on some of Microsoft’s fastest-growing product lines – including SharePoint Server, SQL Server and Office 2007,” Rellis added.

The development is part of the ongoing extension of the pTools suite of CMS products and alignment to Microsoft’s .NET applications framework. Organisations can now use the enhanced WCM capability of pTools directly within the SharePoint interface and framework.

Key enhancements delivered by pTools-embedded WCM for SharePoint include: enterprise level out-of-the box WCM functionality; seamless SharePoint-to-web replication and publishing; guaranteed accessibility web content compliance; multi-language web content management; multi-channel web content personalisation; media web content applications; improved SEO web optimisation; linked-up social networking and web content syndication.

“Continual product development based on customer and partner expectations is a key strategy for pTools and this extension puts our software at the leading edge with Microsoft SharePoint and web content management,” said Tom Skinner, managing director of pTools.

“Not only is our software now better integrated with SharePoint, but the out-of-the-box capabilities of pTools web content management are now greatly improved. This development of an embedded application gives an over-the-horizon view of what’s coming in web and enterprise content management for pTools and pTools customers on the SharePoint platform,” Skinner added.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Tom Skinner, managing director of pTools.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years