pTools wins €200k cloud deal in Bermuda

10 Feb 2012

Pictured: pTools CEO Keith Woods

Irish web content management software (WCM) company pTools has won a €200,000 contract with Capital Management Insurance of Bermuda to help it transform pensions and annuity management through online applications.

pTools is an enterprise level WCM software vendor with offices in Dublin Ireland and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Customers include: Allianz Insurance plc., The Irish Stock Exchange, Enterprise Ireland, and Wolters Kluwer plc.

Key to the system rolled out at Capital Management Bermuda is a new client services site that will handle communications across the company’s portfolio and specifically includes a range of learning and forms based information capture tools.

“Our online presence is a key part of how customers now interact with us,” Tom Williams CEO of Capital Management Bermuda explained.

“This new system enables us to roll out more services and products, and allows us to build on the successful interaction with our customers. We are already seeing significant cost savings alongside improvements in communication.”

Content management in the cloud

The solution will use pTools System 6 which was released in 2011 and leverages the latest cloud computing infrastructure to ensure scalability and performance. pTools System6 is available on the Fort Technologies Cloud as well as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Oracle Cloud platforms.

“Use of online systems to manage and maintain information based relationships not only replaces the traditional paper trail, but dramatically improves governance, reduces risk, and enforces compliance,” the CEO of pTools Keith Wood explained.

“pTools allows customers to quickly build secure membership environments online and tailor web forms for different audiences and channels. This information once captured can then be delivered to back-end systems for immediate analysis.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years