Ryanair to issue 3,500 Apple iPad electronic flight bags to pilots

11 Dec 2014

Budget airline Ryanair has contracted Irish IT firm Typetec to put together iPad-based electronic flight bags for some 3,500 pilots serving 72 destinations across Europe.

The pilots will use the iPads instead of traditional flight manuals. The move follows a recent development whereby Ryanair signed a deal with Navtech to deploy a new flight management system across its fleet of 300 Boeing 737-800s.

The immediate advantages include a reduction in the use of paper products and the elimination of 15kg of manuals for each cockpit.

Typetec provided and deployed all hardware, in addition to delivering comprehensive end-user training to 3,500 pilots.

Services included liaising with third-party app companies to ensure a working solution, implementation of comprehensive mobile-device management and logistical management to more than 60 destinations across Europe.


“With a rapidly growing operation across 72 European bases, the logistical challenges of delivering information to crew are instantly simplified with the introduction of the iPad as an electronic flight bag,” said Ryanair’s group director of operations Michael Hickey.

“This is yet another display of Ryanair’s commitment to improving our already outstanding operational performance. Ryanair recognises the value of this cutting-edge technology as a powerful and flexible solution.

“Our progression towards a paperless flight deck has efficiency benefits recognised across the industry,” Hickey added.

“A paperless cockpit is an efficient cockpit.”

Michael Hickey, group director of operations at Ryanair with Typtec chairman Tom Close

Cockpit image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years