Samsung Electronics has more staff than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined – report

26 Sep 2014

With a workforce of about 275,000, Samsung Electronics is far ahead of the competition in terms of manpower. In fact, new data shows the Korean-based firm has more employees than five Googles.

In a report compiled by Ars Technica, it has been revealed that Samsung Electronics actually has more employees than Microsoft (99,000), Apple (80,300) and Google (47,756) combined.

Additionally, the company boasts two-and-a-half times the employees of Sony Electronics (105,000), a company that produces a comparable product range.

These figures are even more startling when you take into account that Samsung Electronics is just one cog in the wider Samsung machine and, therefore, don’t account for every element of the business. For example, more than half of the Apple employees cited by Ars Tech stem from its retail division, with the non-retail part of the company only employing 37,500 people.

Samsung’s small army contributes to a range of products, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, printers, cameras and home theatre systems. But despite its bulging roster, the company will no longer have a presence in the laptop PC market in Europe, after announcing it was removing products from shelves due to falling sales.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic