Software alliance will see BI rollout at university

18 Feb 2011

A post-graduate university in the UK is set to be one of the first beneficiaries of business intelligence technology resulting from a new partnership between Irish software company Nathean and ERP giant Unit4 Agresso.

Nathean Technologies, a fast-growing Irish business intelligence software company, today announces its partnership with the UK division of UNIT4, the world’s leading provider of business software for fast-changing organisations.

This partnership marks the next step in Nathean’s plans to make its software more widely available to organisations that are seeking greater value from their underlying data.

Post-graduate university, Cranfield, has already deployed Nathean’s software to more easily extract key business intelligence from its UNIT4 Agresso data to identify cost savings and efficiencies across a number of key financial areas.

Unit4 Agresso is Europe’s second-largest ERP supplier. It employs around 4,160 people and has operations in 17 European countries, plus seven other locations around the world. UNIT4 will supply and support Nathean’s powerful analysis and reporting tool for its Agresso and Coda applications under the ‘Logix4’ brand.

Analysis, reporting and answers

“This new tool is a valuable addition to our proposition in the UK,” Anwen Robinson, UK managing director for UNIT4, said.

“Logix4 empowers casual and business users alike to ask questions of their underlying UNIT4 data easily via a simple user interface. Immediate answers are generated without the need to call on technical resources, thereby saving both time and money, which is welcome in these challenging times.”

The partnership is focused on supporting UNIT4 customers in maximising value and reducing the time taken to access the data on which key business decisions can be made to drive operational efficiencies and cost savings across a number of core functions.

“One of Logix4’s unique capabilities is its out-of-the-box, pre-packaged analytics for both core financial and procurement management activities. These pre-defined analytics allow customers to gain day 1 value from deploying Logix4 by removing the need for designing and developing custom reports.

“We have taken direct feedback from the UNIT4 customer base to develop pre-packaged analytics for priority industry sectors, including local and regional government, education and commercial, as well as for functional areas, such as procurement and finance,” said Barry Moylan, sales and marketing director at Nathean.

“We are very excited about the UNIT4 partnership, as Logix4 is already delivering demonstrable value to a number of existing UNIT4 customers. It is going to provide excellent reach for Nathean Technologies in the UK and will be a catalyst for strong expansion. It will be the first of many strategic partnership agreements internationally,” Moylan said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years