Software deal brings Rebel under control

31 Aug 2006

Cork pub chain The Rebel Bar Group has invested in an enterprise-wide point of sale (POS) system that will give the chain instant visibility of transactions across 12 bars and restaurants in Ireland through the internet, has learned.

It is understood that the company has struck a deal with UK-based enterprise software firm Micros-Fidelio to roll out the software to streamline the bar group’s Irish operations. The RES (Restaurant Enterprise Series) 3000 system includes Micros 3700 Point-of-Sale, Enterprise Management, and myinventory.

The Micros RES 3000 solution will replace the bar group’s legacy-dependent till systems and will give it control over site-level databases for both electronic point of sale (EPOS) and back-office applications.

By implementing this in conjunction with Micros’s, an internet portal designed for the hospitality industry, The Rebel Bar Group can access real-time business critical data from a web browser – any time and anywhere.

Also included in the overall solution is the myinventory application, which enables the group to manage inventories across multiple locations, and is integrated within the browser-based portal.

It is envisaged that the system will improve the quality of business intelligence provided to The Rebel Bar Group’s management team, allowing it to make more informed decisions and assist when planning its overall strategy. One of the deciding factors for the group when selecting Micros was that the solution could be used over the internet via a secured connection.

“We evaluated several offerings from various vendors before selecting the Micros solution,” explained Ken Healy, director of The Rebel Bar Group. “Micros’s ability to provide us with a completely integrated solution, and the fact that Micros’s capabilities are proven within the international hospitality industry, were key factors in our decision.”

The system allows The Rebel Bar Group to control every element of its business at the touch of a button, making the establishment more productive overall. By managing orders, prices, menu items and staff all in one application, the group can increase the effectiveness of seasonal or promotional changes.

The Rebel Bar Group will run the Micros solution on the Micros Workstation 4, which is rugged enough to withstand the most demanding bar challenges, like spilled drinks, heat and a steady stream of operator activity; its bright liquid crystal display and responsive touch screen make it easier to use in all conditions.

The portal allows restaurant and bar managers to create a ‘myPage’ personalised dashboard for their operations: real-time reports on the business metrics of their choosing, continually available from the data warehouse via a secured internet connection. This capability allows management to monitor sales, promotions and labour and make changes to the restaurant’s products and prices from a web browser anywhere, at any time.

By John Kennedy