Software rollout helps telco find its pot of gold

20 Jan 2010

Rainbow Telecom has deployed software from SME-focused tech firm Mamut to replace its traditional database and accounts software and more effectively manage growth.

Rainbow Telecom, who provide tailored telecoms solutions to Irish and UK businesses, needed to replace their old IT systems due to major growth in their market share over the last 18 months to ensure they continued to deliver high levels of customer service to their clients.

“We were using legacy database software and accountancy packages,” Noel Hastings, chief technology officer, Rainbow Telecom explained.

“We could have upgraded to deal with our expanding business but we felt that a more tailored package could not only integrate our CRM and accounts, which better suited our clients and our needs, but could also grow with us as we expand. We decided that the Mamut solution suited our needs best as it offered a combined package, with associated cost benefits and the ability to bring together the many facets of our business cohesively.”

2010 goal

Rainbow Telecom, based out of Dublin and Belfast, are aiming for significant growth in business in 2010. The company, which manages a client’s total telecommunications needs and delivers significant phone bill reductions over more traditional suppliers, has a large network of staff across a number of areas, including telesales, field sales, field engineers and technical support.

Its primary requirement was to source an IT solution that allowed access to real-time information remotely for all sales, marketing, technical and accounting teams.

“The customer relations side of our business is integral to our ability to expand our business. Our company grows on the back of the ability to develop, process and convert leads to customers and not lose sight of a single customer through this cycle,” Hastings explained.

“The CRM and stocktaking elements of Mamut software enables us to resolve our activities across all of our projects with our clients, no matter what stage they are at in the relationship. As anyone today in business knows – retaining customers is key to surviving the downturn and we have made it our business to ensure our excellent staff has the tools to assist them in this regard,” Noel continued.

About Rainbow Telecom

Rainbow Telecom provide significant telecoms cost reductions through partnerships with global companies such as Carphone Warehouse, Cable & Wireless, Verizon, Virgin Media, Nortel, Splicecom and NEC and have the resource, knowledge and expertise to design a tailored solution. Services that are offered by Rainbow Telecoms can vary from relatively simple ISDN-based PBXs to a fully converged voice, data and video network involving VoIP, SIP, mobility and wireless.

“All SMEs are operating in a highly competitive marketplace which is very customer service focused in a 24/7 world,” explained Luke Buckley, general manager, Mamut Ireland.

“Mamut’s software solutions and internet services are tailored to all our customers to maximise existing resources, such as staff, ensuring they can work in the most effective and time-efficient manner.”

By John Kennedy