Sony servers now hit by phishing scam

20 May 2011

Sony’s cyber security woes are continuing. Security player F-Secure has discovered the presence of a phishing site on certain Sony websites in Thailand and Italy.

This latest attack is separate to the hacking attack that forced the PlayStation Network’s closure in recent weeks.

F-Secure discovered the phishing site running on Sony’s official Thailand website that redirected users to a phishing site that purported to be an Italian credit card company.

“Basically, this means that Sony has been hacked, again. Although in this case the server is probably not very important. Sony has been notified. The malicious URL is blocked for our customers,” F-Secure said.

F-Secure specialises in analysing and defending against virus, phishing, spyware and spam attacks.

The PlayStation Network was taken offline in recent weeks following a devastating cyber attack on Sony’s servers that saw hackers access information on more than 77m users. The Sony Online Network (SOE) was also hit in an attack and a further 25m users’ details were accessed, including 24,000 credit and debit card details.

On Saturday, Sony confirmed its PlayStation Network was gradually coming back online, starting in the US. It said users needed to update the firmware and change their passwords.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years