Spotify admits Android software hacked, update due soon

27 May 2014

Spotify has confirmed the Android version of the music-streaming software has come under attack from hackers and has re-assured users an update will be released soon.

Spotify stated on its website it had noticed unauthorised access to company data records and began a series of investigations into the source and whether there was any damage caused by the intrusion.

In the statement, Spotify’s chief technical officer Oskar Stål said that this decision is a cautious response as they understand it has only affected one individual: “Our evidence shows that only one Spotify user’s data has been accessed and this did not include any password, financial or payment information. We have contacted this one individual. Based on our findings, we are not aware of any increased risk to users as a result of this incident.”

With over 40m active users, that one person may be feeling rather annoyed at the odds of this happening, but Spotify have assured Android users that they should become aware of an update appearing for their app that will attempt to rectify any issues.

It is not believed that users of iOS and Windows Phone operating systems are affected by any hacking attempt and can continue to use their app as normal.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic